Chartered Club HR Consultancy is one of the leading providers of top-notch HR solutions. It was established in 2011 as an HR vertical of Chartered Club, which was founded by the renowned tax expert, CA Karan Batra.

It was established with a vision to offer world-class service to the clients such that they find a one-point solution for all their HR requirements. It was awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2001 certificate for providing impeccable services to its clients.

In our earlier years, our major focus was only on the finance hiring of various industries. Be it a consulting firm or a requirement in the finance department of any industry, we aced it all. At present we are the leading recruiters in finance domain. We sustain a committed team that understands the precise demand of our client and serve them to the best of our ability.

With our roots strengthened in the finance sector, we have now branched onto other departments as well. Our expert team of professionals from various backgrounds have the both technical and HR knowledge, which gives us an edge in finding the perfect associate. We are now moving up the ladder for other departments such as Marketing, Operations, Logistics, Administration, etc. to name a few. We operate across the globe and through out all industry types. From Small & Medium Sized Enterprises to Fortune 500 Companies, we have happy clients across the world.

With the increased awareness of the importance of human resource the demand for its management has also risen. And you likely are wondering what do we have to offer that makes us better than our competitors.

Our strength lies in the quality we deliver which we ensure through our method of recruitment. With the world shrinking into the web of social media, we use it to our advantage in discovering the best candidates not just based on the resume but also their individual attributes. We hold our own database of verified professionals who have been selected after a stringent background check.

The given below factors are additional causes that make us class apart:

What we offer:

  • A verified database of over 284,046 subscribed members.
  • Specialise in Social Media recruitment.
  • An expert team of professionals with diverse industry experience.
  • A systematic and well-defined process of recruitment.

 What you get?

  • Highest quality of service delivered every time.
  • Record of meeting the deadline on time.
  • High convergence ratio delivered consistently.
  • Extremely low attrition rate.